Project WIP: Procedural Hack n slash

Screenshot It's been a few months that I've been working when I have free time on this project. It started as a dungeon crawler, initially in HTML5 with my engine (more on that in a later post). I quickly decided to switch to Unity because of better tooling, and it actually evolved a lot. My starting point was a 2D crawler with an endless forest as a level, with survival aspects.

As I developped and prototyped gameplay parts, I switched to 3D voxels to get something nicer, and decided to fix the combat gameplay in a hack'n'slash style (very similar to Diablo 3 in its current state).

I also have as a rule for this project to make code as much reusable as possible, and very scalable as my goal is to make the game multiplayer and persistent (which I will probably start doing soon, I'm still wondering what is the right middleware).
Screenshot 2

This is still very early in preproduction phase and I am experimenting, making big changes everyday. This album that I try to update regularly with screenshots shows the evolution of the project since the very start.

Lately, I have been working on getting rid of the voxels: Instead of generating cubes, I'd like to directly generate a terrain. I think cubes aren't that much appropriate for this gameplay, as there is no player generated content and the top view makes perspective a bit weird. So that's the plan for now.

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