Project of the day: Minecraft modding

When I played Minecraft, I wanted to mod it. But I thought that you needed to be really good in Java to understand Minecraft's code. Spoiler: I was wrong.

Today I decided to give it a try. So I downloaded Minecraft forge, set up Eclipse and everything and started reading tutorials.

It was surprisingly easy. The code is built in a way that adding new gameplay elements takes only a few lines. I was able to try and create a few items/blocks/craft recipes.
It took only one line of code to replace the dirt's skin So gangsta Isn't it cute? I got a new sign for my door!

So it was pretty great to try this. I will probably make a few mods in the coming days because I really like how fast you can create content with Minecraft Forge.

Some mods I would like to create

  • A healing station, like the thing pokemon centers use to heal pokemons, except it heals the player.
  • An emotes mod pack: Craftable items with emotes skins so people can wear emotes on their hands and put them on a wall.
  • A community jar lottery: This would be a container in which any player can place a rare item, and each time someone does that it has 1/100 chances of dropping every item in it. Can be pretty fun on little multiplayer servers
  • Electronics to minecraft: Adding new redstone objects that support:
    • 16 bit redstone bus
    • Electronic cards: An item that you can interact with and place redstone in it like items in a chest, creating a micro circuit
    • Pixels : Blocks that change color depending on the redstone bus input

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