One day in the open world

It's 8 am, my 3D-printed alarm clock starts ringing. I'm glad I downloaded this mod card for it the other day, I really wake in better mood now that it detects my sleep cycles. Anyway, it's time to wake up.

As usual while drinking my coffee I'm looking at GovNetwork on my tablet. Some guy proposed to allow a special budget of academic support sessions for students that have difficulties to read and write properly. He explained in his post that illiteracy still exists and we should act on it quickly. Totally upvoting it.
Oh and cool news, the proposition from the other day to create a standard and validated home-schooling service via internet open classrooms for disabled people seems to be in great way for implementation. Pretty great day so far.

There's a cool new project listed on OpenCollab, some guy wants to create a quantum messagery system which would allow astronauts working on the moon and on space stations to have instant internet access so they can communicate with their friend and family. Apparently it wouldn't require that much work. I'm giving it a kudo. I'll also send the link to Mary, she's always interested by these sort of things.
I have a notification for the project of a new process for cultivating synthetic meat that I subscribed to a while ago. It has started stage one of implementation. Twelve people decided to work for it so far and they have a proof of concept prototype showing that they can create at least twice the current efficiency for producing meat. I'd really like to join them but I have already chosen my project for the months to come, so I can't.

Speaking of which, it's time to get working. I worked from home yesterday but this time we have a lot of collaborative decisions to make so it's way better face to face, and anyway I want to see people, so I'll drive to work.

Apparently on ShareNet someone living near me needs a ride to work today, lucky him I have plenty of room. Not much people going out today though, I usually get the car full. Sending him a message, I'll pick him up in thirty minutes and drop him on the way to work. This let me a bit of time.

I needed to get a new light for my desk since the other one is too low and hurts my eyes a bit. but I haven't chosen the model yet. So I'll use the time left to browse ObjectDirectory. I found a pretty cool lamp model, I'll just download it and put it on my printer task list so it'll be ready when I come home.

Well, I'm a bit late now, time to go. Putting the house in absent mode from my phone while installing on the car, and let's go. The guy is living only a few houses away, surprising I don't already know him. He's waiting in front of his house.

"Hi. I'm the guy from ShareNet. Sorry I'm a bit late, I didn't see the time.
-It's okay man, there's no hurry
-So, where do I drop you?
-I'm working at the factory near the fountain place downtown, see where it is?
-Oh, yea right. I've got a friend who work there. What do you work on?
-Well I operate on the engines that build the solar batteries for houses.
-That seems pretty cool. I was thinking of getting a new one since my house still runs on the old deprecated electric network but well, got other things on mind so you know… I kind of forgot about it

-The open gov has accepted a measure to replace all houses system in the next five years before shutting down the old network, so this will have to be done sooner or later anyway. That's not much work actually. You know what? I'll put you the getting started link on ShareNet, give it a look when you have a bit of time. And you, what do you work on?

-I chosed a new project recently, we're engineering a cool process to create more efficient forests that produce a lot of oxygen. I just started a month ago so I'm a bit newbie about it, but it's really great and interesting.

-Oh I remember putting kudos on this project when it was proposed. Really great and promising initiatives. There is still so much work to recover the ecological balance destroyed during the dark times.

-Totally. But I'm confident that these problems will be solved, the open gov has really done some miracles… Well, here we are, if I remember well it's this factory, right?
-Yes that's the one. Thanks for the ride, it's been a pleasure to meet you! Bye
-No problem man. Have a nice day"

Pretty cool guy, I'm really glad my friend told me to use ShareNet, it's really nice to share things with people like that. I especially like the morning rides to work. Meeting new people and learning about what they do, that's nice. And here I am, time to get working. Everybody seems to be in the brainstorming room, I wonder what's going on…

Well, turns out that they ran some benchmarks on the first batch of trees this morning (which of course I missed because I was late, stupid me). It turns out they are producing three times more oxygen than we hoped. So of course today was a bit of a celebration and we didn't work that much. Luckily I didn't work from home today, I would have missed that.

Going back home my printer has finished my new lamp. It's really beautiful, I need to remember to give a kudo to the guy who designed it. Now, my desk is way better with it.

Oh, a private message from Jen who sent ma a link to a new community support and action group for North Korea. They don't event have an open government yet, only a bunch of elected people making decisions for them. That's really sad. Well, of course I can remember back in the dark days when they didn't even have access to the internet and open governements were only imaginary, that's already quite a change.
We still have a lot of work left to be done but, things are getting better now.
I like the open world.

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