New website I made: BitcoinRep

This week end, with the Bitcoin black friday, I've been thinking a lot about Bitcoin spending, and the state of it.
Many people I know usually ask me as one of their first question "Ok but what can I buy with them?" when I do them "the talk".

So I decided what Bitcoin need is a good listing of the websites that accept Bitcoin as a way of paying.

This made me create BitcoinRep, a community list of businesses that accept bitcoins.
BitcoinRep screenshot The main goals of this website are:

  • Listing every Bitcoin business so people can easily find where and how to find them
  • Letting the community like/dislike/comment on these businesses so people can know which are trustable. This is a bigger concern with bitcoins that classical money because your bank can't refund your bitcoins in case of scam.
  • Helping the Bitcoin businesses to be more visible to the world, which will help spread the Bitcoin

What's done so far

The main parts of the website are developped. More precisely:

  • HTML/CSS design
  • Functionnal list of websites
  • Like/Dislike button, and popularity management
  • Main page displaying businesses sorted by user's choices
  • Users can submit new websites

With this, the list is functionnal and people can start to use it and/or help filling it.

What's left to do

There are many things I'd like to add to this website if I see people are interested:

  • Implementing the search bar (currently desactivated)
  • Adding website categories and tags
  • Adding an Info page for every website in which a bigger description can be filled, and people can comment
  • Improving the general design and responsiveness

So here it is. Hopefully people will start using it and it will be useful to the Bitcoin community

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