Mini-Project: Intuition training game

I made a little project a few days ago that I forgot to post about. It's a mini-game that's called "Intuition training". It's actually a random game in which you choose a card out of four and have to guess the right one.

The thing is that it records your performance and stores it online. The idea being that you can then compare your scores to other people in the leaderboard and see if you've got a better than average intuition.

Mostly, I made this to learn about a few tools in HTML5 that I needed to test (grunt, sass, bourbon, bower...).

It's not that much, but the cards animations are cool and made in pure CSS.

I planned to make a registration system so you can actually have a real nickname, but there aren't much people playing it right now so I'll keep it for later maybe.

As usual, open source code on github. I also included a sort of tutorial for running the code locally so that may be interesting to read.


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