BitcoinRep updated to V2!

So after posting BitcoinRep on Reddit I didn't get much feedback, and mostly downvotes (even if that changed later).

The overall design (as seen in my last post) wasn't that great, and it wasn't responsive.

So I restarted the CSS from scratch. I read the Bootstrap doc to see how to build properly responsive websites, and I remade everything so it looks better, and works on every device (at least my macbook, my iPad and my iPhone).

I'm pretty happy with what I managed to make, it looks nice. I've also added a few features:

  • Real-time search (like in google :D )
  • Info page for every website with comments (provided by Disqus and a second, longer description
  • Categories (though not yet useful. I'm still wondering how I will add them to the design).
  • Responsiveness (yay, new skill)

Here are some screenshots of the result:

On my Macbook

On my iPhone

On my iPad

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